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You, of course, know about the incredible cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Over the past few years, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have turned from simple enthusiasm to a large-scale sphere. It has been recognized as a valuable asset by millions of people, including government officials.

Now many are horrified by the thought of the first acquisition of Bitcoin: everything seems too complicated! But actually, it is not.

There are many easy ways to buy Bitcoin for the first time. Instantly and with comfort and I’ll show you how to buy Bitcoin using Cryptopay, which is one of the simplest.

How to buy Bitcoin using Cryptopay

The best way to learn is to just try. Buy bitcoins, pay for them, store them in a digital wallet, and see how the course grows or falls. But where and how can you buy bitcoin? On this issue, as you are already aware, the best place called Cryptopay will help us.

Here I will present you with a detailed guide on how to buy this wonderful cryptocurrency, step by step.

1. Sign up for Cryptopay

It’s easy, enter your details and press sign up.

Cryptopay sing up form

You will receive a letter of confirmation once this registration process is completed:

Email verification Cryptopay

It is no different from other sites, so there should not be any problem.

2. ID verification 

This stage is the longest, so you’ll have to suffer. But do not worry, in all services of this type, this process is an integral part. To start the ID verification process, follow this link or click on the “Buy bitcoins” button as seen in the screenshot below.

Buy bitcoin button cryptopay

And you will open the right window.

Verification popup cryptopay

Still quite difficult and not thought out well in my opinion. So I recommend just using the link.

What’s next?

The ID verification process itself looks like this:

ID verification cryptopay

As you see quite simply and understandably, Cryptopay contains a fairly understandable minimalist interface for all users. I will not describe every step, because the service providers have already done that for me. To avoid looking, here’s the verification guide, if you have any problems.

3. Finally, Buy Bitcoin using Cryptopay

All that remains to be done is a short process, this service is good because it allows you to buy bitcoin in just two clicks. You can do this using your debit or credit card. Be careful and make sure that the list below has your option.

  • We can accept VISA, VISA Delta, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, International Maestro, UK Maestro and VISA Electron.

Are you sure? Ok, now feel free to click on the “Buy Bitcoins” as we have already confirmed your account.

buying button crypropay

In the open window select the currency you want (click on the place in the screenshot where it says EUR), and enter the desired amount. But remember the limits. More details on the limits can be found on this page, as they change and grow with the development of the project.

buying bitcoin pop up cryptopay

After clicking the “Proceed” button you finally will be asked to enter your card number. Enter the data and click “Register now”.

adding credit card cryptopay

If you have previously tied your bank card to your account, the window for you will look like this:

cryptopay checkout form

After confirming the card, your transaction will be successfully completed.

transaction details cryptopay

Congratulations on the purchase of your first bitcoins. You see, there is nothing complicated about this!


And finally a bit about what is happening now with the bitcoin course. Yes, it is very high and yes, probably it is speculatively high and it would be more correct if it were in the bar of $ 3-4 thousand. But this is a market that is regulated by traditional capitalist methods – designation and proposals. If there are players ready to buy it for $ 10 thousand – there are those who will sell. Good luck with your investments and I wish you good results!

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