What is ATBCoin (ATB)? [a Step-by-Step Beginners Guide]

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Perhaps you were wondering:

Which cryptocurrency can handle a huge number of transactions per second?

I agree, more and more people are involved in the use of virtual currencies. This has its unpleasant consequences. For example, the bitcoin network in its current state can not process all of the transactions quickly enough.

However, there is a currency that can handle millions of transactions per second.

Today I will tell you what ATBCoin is, the advantages of this cryptocurrency and why it makes sense to invest.

1) Who created ATBCoin?

ATBCoin is a cryptocurrency created by the ATB Coin team, which consists of real professionals led by a well-known entrepreneur Herbert W. Hoover

It is decentralized and combines the best cryptographic technologies: SegWix system, Lighting network support, and multi-signature.

Thanks to the support of these technologies, the ATBCoin platform is more flexible and efficient, which solves many problems and highlights it against the background of others.

2) Why is ATBCoin different to other cryptocurrencies?

According to the developers, the technology of ATBCoin is better than Bitcoin. The new cryptocurrency is faster and safer, and its transactions are cheaper.

Here are some advantages:

– Limitations on transactions per second practically reduce to zero. ATBCoin is built on the architecture of PoS, so it can handle millions of transactions per second without problems, which is actually more than VISA or Bitcoin.

-Introducing Segregated Witness. Thanks to this, ATBCoin’s cryptocurrency has new block generation in 2.5 minutes, against 10 minutes for those that do not support SegWit.

-Using the Lighting Network Protocol. This makes operations on the ATB Coin network instantaneous, and the system itself is easily scalable, opening up the possibility for running applications that use micropayments.

-Using the PoS algorithm. This gives a lower commission for transactions.

3) Is ATBCoin safe?

The ATB Coin crypto-currency is completely anonymous to users thanks to the use of two encryption algorithms:

ECDSA. This is a public key cryptography algorithm that is associated with every coin in the system through the use of a public key, private key, and signature so that each node of the block can check the ownership of the coins.

SHA-256. This is considered the gold standard in crypto-conversion in the world.

It is also worth noting that ATBCoin is practically immune to attack by 51%. This is achieved through the use of the PoS algorithm. For this type of attack to be committed, you would need to have 25.5 million ATBCoin, which would be pointless.

4) Why should I use ATBCoin?

ATBCoin is constantly evolving, judging from the data provided so far, it is sure to be a success.

Here are some confirmations:

The whitepaper developers have the most detailed information about ATBCoin, its key features, the most important technologies used in its development, and the associated risks.

You can see it for yourself.

Also, the developers presented a road-map for their crypto-currency. They outlined the steps that have been carried out and the steps which still have to be done. This creates trust and allows us to see that the team is really capable of achieving success.


And finally, I think you will be interested to see the trading history of ATBCoin:

To summarize:

ATBCoin combines many proven innovations in one reliable product and contains functions that have never been included in other coins.

A multi-level security system, the highest degree of account security, full transparency, open blocking, almost zero commissions, instantaneous transaction speed – these are what give us this new crypto-currency.

Do you know another crypto-currency with such a set of advantages?

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